Our Check-In Procedure Is Easy

The first step in getting help for drug and alcohol abuse is deciding that you want to have a healthy and sober life. The next step is to call our office, and every step after that will be guided by one of our experienced Treatment Technicians. ensuring that all of your inquiries are addressed and that any issues are taken care of.

There are a few steps that all treatment programs share, though each person’s treatment process will differ based on what the person is seeking treatment for. Here is a brief explanation of each action.

1. Initial Contact

To finish your pre-admission assessment, please give one of our Treatment Technicians a call. This involves a series of inquiries that will aid in determining the kind of care you might require.

The Treatment Technician will also ask you for any financial and insurance information during your call in order to determine your possibilities for financing your treatment.

You should have an Admission date, payment choices for your treatment plan, and travel plans to our site by the call’s conclusion.

2. Admission

As soon as you arrive at our treatment facility, a member of our staff will welcome you and assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork. They will also answer any concerns you may have regarding your treatment plan.

Additionally, they will provide you a number of surveys that will help them customize your treatment. Be prepared to talk about your use of alcohol and/or drugs. To get the finest care possible, be completely open and honest. Additionally, be sure to discuss any current medical issues that call for medication.

In order to determine what medications are in your system, you might also be required to participate in a number of medical diagnostic tests. Or to draw attention to medical conditions that can lead to drug addiction.

Are You Prepared To Begin?
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or call to inquire about an Insurance Verification Request.

Most of the people that contact us have health insurance. When you call us, we will check your insurance benefits and contact you to discuss your next steps within 24 hours. We provide reasonable self-pay solutions if you don’t have insurance that covers substance abuse treatment.